This academic year I will be teaching two courses in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at UCI, both in the Spring 2022 quarter.

C139: Police and Change

This upper-level course familiarizes students with the history of and contemporary issues in the institution and practices of American policing. Students are introduced to the historical evolution of policing, and the philosophies and key events underpinning the changes of policing practices over time, and how they inform policing practices and institutions in the present day. They are introduced to an array of challenges facing contemporary police departments and the communities they serve. Finally, we discuss new opportunities for the policing profession. After taking this course, students have a broader, deeper, and balanced understanding of American policing, and are equipped with the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills that are important for the consumption and production of scientific knowledge in the field of criminology, law, and society.

C203B: Quantitative Practicum

This advanced methods capstone course provides graduate students with hands-on experience using existing data to estimate the impact of policy and law on individual behavior or aggregate social outcomes. The course covers basic principles of data manipulation and description, as well as statistical strategies used to identify causal effects in the absence of an experiment. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding the strengths and limitations of different analytical approaches, what assumptions are necessary for credible inference in different analytical approaches, and how one might provide evidence that these assumptions are satisfied.